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Our Yummy Nutritious Lunch Menus.

We have devised a nutritionally balanced lunch menu for every day of the week on a two week rota to keep things spiced up for your hungry bears.

We will introduce various flavours and endeavour to slowly develop the children's taste palate, all the while filling them with goodness, sometimes with our cheeky sauces, hiding all sorts of nutritional veggies.

Our menu is designed to create a balanced variety, from a vegetarian meal for all on Fridays, to chicken, fish, beef and lamb for our meat eaters throughout the rest of the week. Alternating the carb choices but always packing tasty vegetables into every dish. 

*No added salt or nut traces in any dishes!

Our naturally sweet, fresh fruit deserts are the perfect way to end lunch time, packing in an extra portion for the five a day tick box without adding any artificial sweeteners to their diet. 



We love baby led weaning!! Although weaning is a unique process for every child, so please discuss this with your key worker who will help to structure this for your child. We will not give your baby any foods at nursery until you have tried them with them at home first. 

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