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Once Upon a time...

As children, my brother and myself spent our early years at 9- 12 Deptford Broadway, back then, the former Antique Warehouse. Rolling around in mums specially designed, gigantic cot, tottering about in our own adventure playpen and squealing with delight at the thought of heading round the corner to the park with dad.


The Antique Warehouse was home to the locally famous Giants Chair that sat proudly on the Broadway for the best part of 20 years. Many children, and Mummys and Daddys alike would (struggle to get on) then pose with cheeky grins for a photo on our extraordinary chair! (Hence the name, Chairbears Day Nursery)


As the years went by and the Giant Bears Chair disappeared from Deptford Broadway. Then, after nearly ten years of caring for children, taking me all over Europe, my heartstrings  finally pulled both the Giant Bears Chair and myself back to where it all started!


The Antique Warehouse first opened the doors of this impressive building exactly 30 years prior to the opening of Chairbears Day Nursery. Since 1984 exclusivity leaked from every crevice of 9-12, due to my Mums determination to offer the very best at all times. Then in 2014 the foundations were laid; A quality build, rooms brimming with exciting toys and the best learning equipment available. Chairbears Day Nursery chose to mirror the individuality of the Antique Warehouse, and as an owner, I strive for the very best, just like my parents!


With thorough research and a clear understanding for a loving, home from home, professional nursery with that all important positive family vibe. Love, energy and enthusiasm have been poured into this purpose built, spectacular day nursery. Creating the perfect space to leave your little ones, secure in the knowledge of their safety and happiness.


Now its down to your little ones, and Anne and Martyn's first Granddaughter, my very own baby girl, Rosanne (Born January 2018) to roll around, totter about and squeal with happiness at 9-12 Deptford Broadway; Not forgetting that all important snap shot on the Giant Bears Chair!!!

Our hand picked, experienced staff are fully trained and dedicated to providing outstanding early years care and learning for your bear cubs.

We thank all those who have followed our journey so far and all of the families who have trusted us with the honour of looking after their most precious possessions.  
Warmest Regards,
Ellie Tillett.


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