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Chairbears Day Nursery is a family of amazing practitioners, our team is formulated of different and quirky, caring characters who are all devoted to the outstanding care and wellbeing of the children, which can only be achieved by working together, as one. As partners. We all pride ourselves in always putting the children first, in everything we do, but our management team makes sure that the team come a very close, if not equal second, always. We are a family. 

Nursery Manager 

Ellie Tillett

Ellie is dedicated to ensuring Chairbears Day Nursery provides astounding teaching, care, comfort and FUN for every child, in an exciting, enabling environment, alongside genuine care and support to their families.

Ellie is passionate about providing a fun filled work place, enabling positive energies to bounce

from the team to the children and parents.

Ellie has nurtured Chairbears Day Nursery through its journey to date and continues to do so, motivating the team and ensuring best practice and smiling faces daily!

- Level 3 Childcare

- Level 3 Safeguarding Children and Young People

- Paediatric First Aid

- Level 2 Food and Hygiene 

- Fire Marshall 

'Just a Job' 

We reward our employees with profit shares for each and every referral they make, giving them a vested interest in our business and ensuring they reap the financial benefits of the love they pour in to every day.

We review the training needs of our employees every six - eight weeks, tailoring courses and in and out house training to support their continuous professional development and support them in being the best that they can be!

Investing in our team

Team Leaders & Key Workers


- All Either Level 6, Level 3 or Level 2 Qualified

- All hold Paediatric First Aid Certificates

- All have Safeguarding training

- All have food and hygiene training

- All have Fire safety training

Our team leaders are all experienced, devoted senior practitioners. They display pride and passion when mentoring their teams and developing their rooms, creating the best learning opportunities for the children.  Our room leaders are responsible for leading their team of key workers and supporting all staff to ensure every child's needs are being met.     


Chairbears keyworkers are passionate, loving and enthusiastic role models. They have a special responsibility to each of the children in our care. They work hard to ensure they are meeting and exceeding the children's care and educational needs. They aim to ensure that the children are happy and feel secure at Chairbears, whilst meeting their development potential. They continuously observe, encourage and extend the children's learning experiences.

Each child deserves to have a special relationship with someone within the nursery and the key person approach effectively celebrates this. 



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