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 Our Nursery
“A living organism, a place of shared relationships among the children, the teachers, and the parents and a feeling of belonging in a world that is alive, welcoming and authentic”
Loris Malaguzzi,

Chairbears Day Nursery is a private, purpose built nursery in London that operates from one level, in 3 base rooms, a garden studio, sensory room and indoor outdoor garden area. We also love to make use of our local amenities, so regularly visit our local parks, the vibrant market, the library or even the shops with the children daily. All of our rooms are extremely bright and spacious. Each room is beautifully designed with calming neutrals and multi sensory equipment installed on easy access storage ready for the child to self – select.

Why choose us? 

Choosing a nursery can be an exciting task, but can also make you feel confused and anxious. 

​Your child’s happiness and safety is always our first priority and we place an emphasis on emotional care and development. All children need to feel safe, loved and well cared for. 

As well as ensuring these basic needs are met, we understand that all children are unique with their own needs and personal requirements and we care for every child as an individual.  In addition to providing excellent care, we believe in providing outstanding learning experiences through enjoyable play. We will provide a stimulating environment to foster a love of learning that can provide children with the best possible start in life.   We truly value a well trained workforce.

We promise:

  • Trained and experienced staff, ready to learn and respond to your child's individual needs

  • Strictly maintained ratio of staff to children. (1:3 for babies, 1:4 for toddlers and 1:8 for pre schoolers.)​

  • Busy, but relaxed, children who seem happy and purposeful

  • A safe and clean premise - welcoming and friendly 

  • Cultural sensitivity and responsiveness to children's home life

  • A staff team and group of children who reflect local ethnic and cultural groups

  • Fun activities planned each day  with children's interests and enthusiasms in mind

  • Planned exercise and quiet times to relax

  • A big welcome for you and your child


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