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We understand that resuming nursery during this uncertain time and after such a long period away, will leave lots of families with many questions. 

We have outlined some of the measures we have put in place to ensure our nursery is COVID secure.

If you have any further questions, please call us to speak directly with a member of the team on site, for further reassurance. 

The Children’s Day


There is at least one member of staff from each room that will be working every day from the 1st June, so although this may not be your child’s usual key worker, they will already have strong ties and practitioners will be familiar and able to provide comfort. We have discussed this in depth and believe that we just needing the children to remember us and the routine they used to have, whilst practitioners need to take the time to re connect with them and understand the individual journeys they have all been on throughout lockdown.


Morning routine/ drop off


In order to limit cross infection and keep the nursery as safe as possible for everyone, we will not be allowing parents to come inside the nursery. (This also echoes official government advise) 


We request that ALL children are in nursery by 10am


  • You will find social distancing markers on the pavement outside the nursery. You will be greeted by a member of staff who will be wearing full PPE (as we will not be able to guarantee keeping two meters away from parents, in the event that it is necessary to carry a baby or offer a child support in coming into the nursery.) 


  • We know that this very quick method is going to be tough for some families, especially those with younger children. (however so far, the children have been extremely excited to return and we have found the majority of children have settled back in very well!) For families returning for the first time, a member of the team from their room or 'bubble' will give you a call for some feedback prior to them returning to nursery.

  • You know that your children have always been safe and happy with us and hope that you are able to trust us to settle them and help them remember the fun that they have at Chairbears. (We of course will be encouraging parents to call and check to see how the day is going!)


  • Once inside, the hallway monitor will support children in washing their hands and then take them to their respective rooms and the pram to the parking area (Prams will only be permitted for children in baby room at the moment.)


  • Breakfast will be served in the children’s individual rooms/ areas of the room and staff shifts will allow for children to stay in their own rooms from the start to the end of the day. Until further notice, we will no longer join groups at the beginning or end of the day.


  • Any person/ child that enters the nursery will wash their hands before entering the play rooms. (Staff bathroom door will be propped open until 10am). Hand washing will be consistent throughout the day, before mealtimes and care routines as usual and also encouraged hourly.​


  • In Big bears, the doors to the garden will be permanently open and children will be able to free flow all day. (There will initially be a maximum of 8 children per day using this space which will consist of both big bears and garden studio children.)


  • Children will have separate outdoor time.


  • Bubble 1 will free flow and use the usual garden space.


  • Bubble 2 will use the ‘court yard’ area for planting and reading books twice per day and can go on a daily walk through Brookmill park in the prams, although at this stage, will not get out of the prams.

Pick up


The evening will be a mirror image, but we will be encouraging parents to call the nursery 5 minutes before arriving so as we can speed the process up and prepare the children to go home for you.

Social distancing 

Practitioners will find it impossible to social distance from the children. We will retain the same level of social and emotional support that we always show our children but will increase hand washing and hygiene measures.

'Bubbles' of children will be kept to minimal numbers. Only children from the same bubble will be able to play with the same resources. Children will be encouraged where possible to play in smaller groups and in separate areas of the rooms by the team basing themselves in different areas of the rooms with exciting activities. 

Practitioners will ensure strict social distancing measures are maintained between the team.


  • Our usual policy will be in place for PPE – ie practitioners will wear gloves and aprons to change children or serve food.

  • Government guidance is for the team not to wear face masks, so this will not be compulsory but the team will be wearing masks when changing nappies.

  • The hallway monitor will be wearing a mask and face shield, along with aprons and gloves when collecting children from parents. 




  • The hallway will be disinfected at 10am once all children are inside, along with all door handles and surfaces.

  • Children’s bathrooms will only be used by the same ‘bubble’ of children each day but will be cleaned 5 times per day.

  • All tables, chairs and surfaces will be sanitised by the team in their own ‘bubble’ throughout the day.

  • Messy and sensory play resources will only be used by the same ‘bubble’ of children each day and will be disposed of daily.

  • The nursery cleaning lady will attend daily, out of hours as usual and will follow a robust cleaning schedule.

  • For as long as needed, we will be removing carpets, soft toys and soft furnishings to ensure we can thoroughly clean everything in the room.


Illness and Infection control

Illness and infection control/ exclusion periods will be governed by government advice for any COVID related symptoms for both staff and children. We also request that families/ parents adhere to the same strict guidelines.   

  • Other than this, our sickness and absence policies remain the same.


Staff Team


  • Our entire team have completed COVID19 secure workplace training as well as a detailed infection control course.

  • We will be prioritising keeping practitioners on furlough leave if they have any medical conditions that may make them vulnerable, if they need to shield a member of their own household and (for as long as possible) if they are compelled to take public transport which will help to limit cross infection as much as possible.


  • We will be bringing back at least one practitioner from every room, in order to help children settle and to ensure we are able to meet their needs and support their emotional wellbeing. 


  • The team will be based in their own room and as far as possible will not leave their own bubbles.


  • Practitioners will be on site for their lunch breaks to limit cross infection.


Change of opening hours


Unless an exception is applied in order to meet a family’s essential circumstance, (and has been sanctioned by Ellie)  we will be temporarily shortening our opening times from 7.30 – 18.30 to 7.30 – 18.00.


Children in bubble 1 (Big bears and Garden studio) will be temporarily asked to attend between 9.30-17.00


The team will use the additional time at the end of the day to deep clean and sterilise all resources in their individual rooms. This will be under constant review and changed back to the usual time as soon as possible.




From June 1st full service is available and fees will continue to be charged. 

Once your child returns to nursery, we will need to continue to charge fees in line with our usual policy, so this will mean we will continue to charge if your child needs to take a day off because they are unwell, if we need to ask you to isolate your child for any reason, if you go on holiday, or if they are just unable to attend.

We appreciate some families may not be ready to return to nursery from 1st June. Parents are encouraged to contact the nursery to discuss a later return date. Where a later return date is agreed - a 20% retainer fee will be applied in order to secure your child's place whilst they do not attend. (this is currently only being applied during the month of June) 

For any families that choose to terminate their contract in full, we will revert to our usual terms and conditions and request that one full months notice is provided. (ie notice given on the 5th June will mean that the contract will be terminated on the 31st July. A contract terminated on or before 1st June will mean the contract is terminated by 30th June.) Full fees will be required for any notices served after 1st June 2020 due to the fact that our service is fully operational.

We urge families to talk to us and discuss their circumstances so as we can work together as far as possible. 

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